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Amazon Best Selling Author, Beta reader, Reviewer

I offer a variety of different services, which can be tailored to your individual needs. I'm happy to evaluate your manuscript to suggest an appropriate level of editing.

I'm happy to work with most genres, including thrillers, horror, speculative fiction, paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi (soft and hard) as well as romance in all its forms from sweet to dark. I have worked with historical fiction, but as I'm not an expert of every part of history, the author is expected to have researched the correct details. I have a particular fondness for m/m fiction.

Genres I'm not comfortable with include literary fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Warning: My aim is to make your book better, not be your cheerleader. I won't be rude (and even if I am, I'll try to make you smile) but your book will come back with suggestions for improvements rather than only 'that's fantastic'. If you want a pat on the head, ask your mum/sister/brother/friend for feedback. If you want to make your book better, contact me.

Beta read

Rate is $1 per K

A read through with comments in a report. Will mention plot, characters, pacing, world building,craft and next steps. Occasional typos will be pointed out, but this is NOT proof-reading.

Manuscript Critique

The rate is $2 per 1000 words. Rounded up to the nearest K.

inline comments concerning all the above plus detailed inline craft/description suggestions.

Some manuscripts are not ready for this stage and would benefit from a general beta read first. if the story isn't right, there is no point in working on the intricacies of sentence structure. At this stage, I would point out general flaws, but it would be up to the author to seek out other examples and correct them.

For example I might point out a section of passive writing, or an overuse of ly adverbs, but I wouldn't correct it.

Typos will be pointed out, but this is NOT proofreading.

Line Editing

This is the final stage for a manuscript that has already undergone beta reading/manuscript critique. There should be no 'large' problems such as plot holes and characterisation issues. Price is dependant on the manuscript. I will edit a sample for an hour and provide a quote based on the amount of work necessary. 

Payment is via paypal invoice. New customers will be asked to provide a deposit. Returning customers payment on completion.