Emma Jaye

Amazon Best Selling Author, Beta reader, Reviewer


As the administrator of The Review Group on goodreads and as an self published author, I know how important reviews are  Unfortunately, though, many SP/Indie books don't get the review attention they deserve.  My goodreads group (with 2,000) members helps authors gain honest reviews from other author members, 'paying' for them by giving non-reciprocal reviews to other authors in their reviewing group.

I am also a member of the 'Indigo Street Team' where I occasional request books to review.

As an individual, I also review books I've purchased because I liked the look of them, and I also occasionally do honest review exchanges. By honest I mean that in a review exchange, I will post reviews if I think the book is worth three or more stars, if not,  I send the author a critique.

I'm open to review requests, but as a fellow indie author, clearly I will be more inclined to read your work if you offer to read mine.

I am currently in the process of copying my amazon and goodreads reviews to this site.