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Amazon Best Selling Author, Beta reader, Reviewer

Discovery (Hybrid #1)

​Enmeshed in a universe that wants to use her, a rare alien/human hybrid must find her way through political intrigue, lust, violence and ambition to discover who and what she is.

Chesara extraordinary ability means she is coddled, pampered and in high demand from the wealthy of the Universe as she can heal illnesses and injuries far beyond the skills of medical science. Being pursued for herself, rather than her ability is a new experience, and one that thrills her to the core. Unfortunately things that seem too good to be true, usually are.

Contains graphic scenes M/F and some violence. It is intended for a mature audience only.

Word count: 72,000 plus 10% excerpt from Hybrid 2: Experiment.

Experiment (Hybrid #2)

​Escaping from the clutches of a sadistic torturer is only the start of a terrifying ordeal for human/dakaran hybrid Chesara. Hunted through the wilds of Kalzir and the depths of her own mind, hard truths about her own abilities and the people she has always trusted become overwhelming.

Watching the woman he loves, locked within herself is heartbreaking for Connor Temple, particularly with the added guilt that he is as responsible for exploiting her as the rest of humanity. Releasing her from slavery would mean turning his back on his entire way of life, if it were even possible. Resigned to becoming merely her captor again, the return of a man from the grave sparks hope for all three of them.

Contains graphic scenes M/F/M and some violence. 

Flight (Hybrid #3)

Everyone wants a piece of Chesara, from her two human mates to the entire Human Federation. The simple task of staying under the radar of the authorities proves to be more complicated than the fugitives could imagine. Especially with the additions of a feisty nut-cracking human girl, and a ship wrecked Dakaran male to her admirers.

Maybe three’s company but five may well prove to be much of a crowd.

Contains graphic M/F and M/F/M scenes and some violence. It is intended for a mature audience only.

Fight (Hybrid #4)

Rescue the girl and sail off into the sunset was a fairly easy checklist as far as Tenset and Connor were concerned. It wasn’t as if they hadn’t done it before. The problem was, this time the ‘baddy’ knew they were coming, and it was more than possible that Chesara might just want to stay with a member of her own species rather than them. They also hadn’t considered the amount of trouble one feisty little red-haired girl could cause with a single kick to the wrong groin.

Can Chesara’s fledgling mating group set aside their differences and fight together to save Silk’s life on the tropical paradise of Teora, or will they fly apart?

Silkash (Hybrid #5)

Now that the important people, the ones that matter in the universe have left her without even bothering to say goodbye, the opportunity for Silk to reinvent herself emerges on the tropical paradise that is Teora. A warm, comfortable place to sleep and people to flirt with and entertain was all she’d ever wanted.

Once unwanted by the universe, Silk finds herself desired by two different men. Rustek, the green-eyed bar owner who risked his life and murdered to save her, and the bereaved father of her abuser.

Both of them assume she is the upstanding daughter of an importer on her frozen home world of Berellia, and that the baby she is carrying is their relative. Keeping the reality that she is the daughter of a prostitute, and the baby could have up to five fathers, is more than a challenge. But Silk is a survivor, and whatever else happens, her child will have a mother’s love.

Gladiatrix (Hybrid #6)

Kill or be killed is the only thing that matters to Azrica, the red-eyed ‘devil’ who scared the humans in the slave compound of the garian arena almost as much as the lizards she fought against. The garian philosophy that only the best of their young, the strongest, the most cunning and intelligent should make it to adulthood played right into her hands. Azrica’s philosophy was far simpler, killing as many lizards as possible before she had that inevitable ‘unlucky’ day. Federation humans were nearly as bad, as they were equally responsible for her situation.

The only fly in her simple, ordered life was a certain blond stud male named Hal. Bred to fight and reproduce, he did both frequently and damn well as he made his way steadily up the slave hierarchy. Despite the brutality of his life and the ever-present prospect of a violent death, he always had a smile on his face and a flirtatious comment on his lips. He treated her as a friend, a future lover, even though she did her best to persuade him otherwise by slitting the throat of a man who had tried to bed her.

When Azrica unexpectedly survives a final level bout, not only is she given control of the warmblood compound and tasked to produce more successful human gladiators, she is awarded a slave. Unfortunately for Hal, a newly caught, puny, white skinned male, named Jeron is selected instead of him. She couldn’t possibly prefer him, could she?

Chimera (Hybrid #7)

Dagus recognised the red-eyed woman as dakaran the moment she walked into the slave pens on Garia where he was about to be sold. What was even more surprising was that she had a voice in her head that told her that Chesara’s was her sister.

However, this was a very different animal to the kind and caring woman he owed a life debt. This sister was the top dog in an environment where only cold, calculating killers survived. Unfortunately she was also his only possible way off Garia, if he could persuade her that he was worth keeping alive.

His mentor Tenset had taught him how to charm the ladies, and to rely on your friends. The problem was, this was no lady, and his only possible allies were a meek former Federation medical Ensign, and two men who had been born and bred to kill. The Ensign looked at him with pity, the bald castrate with indifference and the one called Hal seemed happy to add him to the dinner menu.

Survival appeared to be dependent on doing what he was told, but Dagus had never been particularly good at toeing the line. The only difference was that this time, disobeying a direct order wouldn’t just get him busted back to ensign, it’d cost either him his life.

Reunited (Hybrid# 8)

Back at the helm of a starship, wheeling and dealing for all he was worth, Dagus only had to keep this ragtag band alive until his old friends Tenset, Connor and Chesara could gallop to the rescue. It all sounded remarkably simple, if you didn’t add in certain complications.

Firstly, he and his mate group were still the property of a garian who was quite clear that she only needed him and Azrica for her illegal activities. All the sentient lizard had to do was touch the control device on her arm to turn one of them into an instant snack. Even more disturbing was that the threat of imminent death didn’t appear to bother Hal in the least. The ex-gladiator killed without thought and behaved like a hormone driven teenager rather than a rational adult. Azrica wasn’t far behind Hal as she was slowly driven mad by the permanent, unwanted passenger in her mind.

The minor problems of being hunted by the Garian Empire, the Federation and some of the most wanted outlaws in the galaxy paled into insignificance compare to forging this group into a working unit, but Dagus had always been a gambling man, and although the odds were against him, a slim chance was better than none.