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Amazon Best Selling Author, Beta reader, Reviewer

The Call Girls Series follows five women as they explore the sometimes dark but always brightly passionate world of paid love. Themes in the series, but not in every book, include BDSM, voyeurism, multiples (including M/F/M and M/M/F), role play, FTF and always a seriously sexy man or two. Although not all the girls have a ‘happy ever after’ they at least a ‘happy for now’ ending.

Call Girls: The Beginning

Prequel to the series. Having a decent, hard-working and not to mention good looking boyfriend, who was willing to finance your way through university was what every young woman should be ecstatic about according to Sasha’s parents and the angel on her shoulder. The devil on the other side was cheering on the naughty, lingerie loving part of her that was lapping up the attention from the womanising, smoking hot half-brother of her best friend, but risking her education and her parents’ disappointment for pleasure wasn't going to happen. When a surprise visit shows her a whole new side to Mr Sensible, she decides she needs a little educational help from a friend.

Call Girls 1: Merissa

Merissa. Finding out she was living in a building run by a high class call girl, and that most of her fellow residents were also ‘in the business’ was quite a surprise, but not as much as finding out they wanted her to take on an assignment.

Given a choice of working evenings in a dingy soulless call centre, or being tied up and spanked by a gorgeous rich man, didn’t seem to be too difficult a choice at first. It was going to be a straightforward arrangement, she’d give up control and he’d look after her, they’d learn together and then say goodbye. Unfortunately, being a sub isn’t as simple, or as easy as her books suggest.

The website warned that two inexperienced people shouldn't be together, but with the support of her ‘professional’ friends, this would be alright, wouldn't it?

Warning: Adult content includes amongst other things, spanking, sensual massage, role play, bondage, rope play and a seriously hot hero. 

Call Girls 2: Sasha

After eight years of being in the call girl business, Sasha O’Connor puts on her ‘happy hooker’ face every day whilst slowly dying inside as she watches her friends getting their own happy ever afters. But she isn't the only friend of devilishly handsome and confirmed womaniser Max Knowles who needs a little help in their personal lives. Will the cost of putting permanent smiles back on the faces of the people he cares about, be the loss of the love woman he loves?

Warning: Adult content includes M/F/M scenes, three seriously sexy men with issues and a heroine who believes in the power of sexual healing.

Call Girls 3: Lucy

Brodie Muir likes his relationships uncomplicated, and paying women to put up with his sexual demands means he doesn't have to consider their feelings. Due to his disaster of a childhood, he has no intention of inflicting the abuse he experienced on anyone else.

The cheaply dressed but pretty friend of his PA Alicia peaks his interest when she comes to Scotland to gather herself after the death of her only relative. The fact that Lucy is probably already a sex worker, just as Alicia used to be, will make hiring her for a mistress contract straightforward, besides she clearly needs money. Fitting her into a small part of his well-ordered life will be easy, if it wasn't for the fact that Lucy Gibson is a virgin, and Brodie’s father is owed a few things by the successful hard-nosed business man he produced.

Warning: Adult content includes M/F and M/M scenes.

Call Girls 4: Emily

Who the real Emily is, an escort, a computer expert, a friend, a daughter or a member of the aristocracy is a puzzle she’s managed to avoid. Everyone wants their own particular version, but nobody wants all of her, not even herself.

For a girl with impulse control issues and an incredibly high libido, saying ‘no’ is easier said than done, even if she is being blackmailed by a former client who is soon to be related by marriage. It’s especially difficult when dominant hotelier Vincent Morten asks her to be a ‘birthday present’ for his gorgeous bi partner Ryan. Surely one little slip won’t be noticed? Mix in the attentions of the significantly less than Honourable son of a Baronet, the man who set her on the road to immorality, and a tangled web of lies is the result.

It’s a honey trap sticky enough to catch both of Emily’s alter-egos if she can’t keep her mouth, and other areas firmly shut.

Call Girls 5: Missy

So she sucked at being a sub. Big deal. Time to put on her big girl knickers and move on. After her disastrous affair with BDSM club owner Quinn Fredricks, putting the skills she learnt into practice and giving others what she can’t have, provides the focus of her life. The only rule is, nobody touches her. Celibacy is a far easier option than taking down the walls around her heart.

When the intriguing and grieving Nick Philips asks for her help to shut down a human trafficking ring, by infiltrating the gang as a Domme, it sounds like a busman’s holiday.

Bondage, flame play, human ponies and tropical islands are all idyllic, if it’s what you want….